At a Glance
We are the dominant integrated aquaculture shrimp and foods producer company and we continuously set the global standards for superior market-driven products with our innovation and management.

PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) is a leading aquaculture company in Indonesia which was incorporated in April 1980. CP Prima produces and sells feed, fry, pet food, probiotics, and shrimp products  and processed food products for domestic and export markets.

Not only in Indonesia, we have also expanded our wings in supplying innovative feeds to India market, and shrimp products to international markets like Vietnam, China, Japan, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Netherland, Germany and New Zealand, tuning each needs based on each country’s regulations and standards respectively. Our shrimps feed has recently landed in India in 2014, gaining pleasant responses from the market within a short period of time.

International Market

Supplying fresh and antibiotic-free products to the market is our main commitment, and at the same time ensuring the food and environmental safety are met as per the national and international standards. Several certifications from Indonesia like BPOM, HALAL, SNI, PROPER, SKP, HACCP, CPIB, CBIB and international certifications like BRC (UK), ACC (USA), up to Global GAP (Europe) has been received. We always strive in maintaining those certifications by tracing every single process from cultivation to packing. Our commitment in compelling food safety standards has been proved by the Global GAP certification received first from all shrimp processing companies worldwide, dated April 26, 2009. Our strive to excellence has also brought us to receiving several company accreditation such as BAP (Best Agriculture Practice) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), proving on our ability to serve with high standards.

In Indonesian market today, our feed products has become the market leader, proving on the innovation and the edged-quality product standards, we have promised.


To be the largest and most advanced vertically integrated aquaculture company in the world.



To continue leveraging our competitive strengths in aquaculture and drive efficiency through innovative management and new technologies to ensure the sucess of our farmers and the highest quality of our products. We will continue to consistently evaluate our social contribution and our company performance while adhering to environmentally friendly practices across all of our operations.