Corporate Governance Information
Application of Corporate Governance within the Company was based on the principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness.

The Company strives to apply these basic principles throughout all activities for the best interest of shareholders.

The details of GCG five basic principles are as follows :

  • Transparency refers to openness in terms of disseminating Company general information to serve the interest of the shareholders
  • Independence seeks to ensure that the Company is professionally managed and free from conflicts of interest, or interference, or influence, from any parties that are not in accordance with rules and practices.
  • Accountability refers to the clear separation of the Commissioners’ and Directors’ roles and responsibilities.
  • Responsibility is evident with adoption of risk management that provides early warning system throughout the Company’s activities as well as responsibility for social, environmental, and development issues.
  • Fairness refers to consistently striving to be fair and balanced in accomplishing the shareholders rights based on prevailing rules and regulations.
  • Public Announcement of Corporate Secretary

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  • Appoinment Letter of Corporate Secretary

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  • Kebijakan Seleksi dan Peningkatan Kemampuan Vendor

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