2019 National Shrimp Symposium Successful Aquaculture amidst Latest Challenges
02 May 2019

PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk, once again holds an annual event National Shrimp Symposium with the theme of Successful Aquaculture amidst Latest Challenges.

This Symposium was a little different because it was held in two locations that is in Surabaya Tuesday (30/04/2019) at Shagri-la Hotel Surabaya and in Jakarta on Thursday (05/02/2019) at Swissotel PIK Jakarta. The symposium was attended by hundreds of successful farmers who were directly assisted by CP who came from various regions such as Lampung, Surabaya, Java, Bangka Belitung and so on.

The symposium was opened by President Director Irwan Tirtariyadi and continued by the speakers, one of whom was invited from Thailand, Dr. Prakan Chiarahkhongman who gave material related to Important Shrimp Disease & Health Management Practice 2019 Update, as well as representatives from CP Prima such as Rubiyanto Haliman who explaining the shrimp fry from CP Prima. Other speaker was also Dr. Heny Budi Utari who explained shrimp related diseases and Arianto Yohan, CP Prima Director of Export Marketing which explained the shrimp market in the world. This event is a testament to CP Prima's concern for farmers so that they are more familiar with cultivation and good SOPs can also see wider business opportunities going forward.


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