Corporate Social Responsibility
Our business grows integrally with our communities.

As part of our commitment in maintaining sustainably high quality products, we have incorporated several CSR activities to provide better living standards for our main farmers and stakeholders. More than just providing intensive trainings and monitoring our farmers, we have successfully built facilities around the company premises such as primary and secondary schools, clinics, prayer areas, stores, recreational spots, banks, and police stations. For our main head office, we have also signed a cooperation letter with various universities, inviting more fresh graduates to share their fresh ideas with us.

In the education program, we also provide hundreds of scholarships to outstanding students who are less capable in terms of its economy in the "STAR Program", to finish college in Politekhnik Negeri Lampung. In addition to the selected students were also given an internship program working in our company, to gain experience and insight, especially in the fishery, as a preparation for their future.

In carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility, Company regarding aspects of the employment practices of the Company to conduct the selection of students Diploma Fisheries from various universities who are already in the last semester of families who are unable to afford tuition and willing to work in the field of aquaculture, by providing scholarships for school fees, the necessities of life, and after graduating students were inducted as an employee of the Company. Company also training technicians pond for farmers who want to deepen their knowledge of aquaculture activities. 

In addition, the Company has several programs and policies related Aspects of Product Responsibility. To maintain the quality and freshness of the shrimp feed products as well as processed foods, Company recommends to not use the product feed aged two months or more. For domestic shrimp products Company set expiry time that is 18 months from the date of production with ideal storage conditions. For export products, the Company issued a Certificate of Health costs to ensure the quality of export products to arrive in the destination country. 

In realizing Company Social Responsibility on aspects of environmental conservation and social development, Company planted mangrove trees in the area around aquaculture Company, with the aim to support a healthier water cultivation locally. We believe that by this activity, our farmers can enjoy better cultivation lands, leading to healthier livestock’s growth in return. Company is also providing scholarships to elementary school children, junior high and high school for kids plasma, lends heavy equipment for the manufacture of infrastructure, support for religious activities, and free medical treatment in the framework of the 20th anniversary of CPB. 

CSR Program - Scholarships ; Preservation of the environment and Economic empowerment.


Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018 - cont'd.