Farmer Partnership Program
We are always ready to guide those farmers who need our support.

As part of our mission in driving more successful aquaculture farmers locally, CP Prima has introduced a program named “Farmer Partnership Program”, in which farmers who are actively using our products and adopting our techniques will be assisted by our team to attain better end-results. Our team comprises of shrimp and fish nutritionists as well as aquaculture experts, who are ready to provide more trainings on choosing the right feeds, health and water quality checks, and monitoring cultivation process in order to obtain high-quality fish and shrimp products. Currently, we have been partnering with farmers from Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

We have observed that there are still thousands of Indonesian cultivation lands that are abandoned by the farmers, as there are lack of trainings and supported media given to them. We have formulated our partnership program in a way that can bring a groundbreaking results for them:

  1. To revitalize those farmers by introducing a shrimp cultivation, mainly Vannamei type
  2. To introduce a low capital and easy “traditional-plus” cultivation process with aim to improve the intensive farming methods, together by following the recommended Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and biosecurity
  3. Allow more collaborative working with a head to monitor all process, with aim to produce a better “industrialized shrimp” results

More than just focusing on SOP and monitored cultivation process, our “Farmers Partnership Program” also plans to improve the aquaculture farming by maximizing the right carrying capacity of shrimps and fishes in the pond, fulfilling the needs of dissolved oxygen and providing financial support for the capital investement.

Farmer Partnership Program

Kampung Vannamei and RT Vannamei at Madura..

After the success of Kampung Vannamei, division shrimp free market area of ​​East Java is currently developing a small-scale cultivation of Vannamei known as Rumah Tangga Vannamei (RTVE). Just as Kampung Vannamei, target of RTVE that lands in some areas that have potential but minimal area.

RTVE is a solution for hoteliers who want to cultivate but has limited land, lack of capital and the means of production are limited. RTVE ponds can be built anywhere, such as in Lamongan and Gresik, the farmers utilize agricultural land as well as the home page.

The real form of ponds RTVE advantage felt by the farmers in Madura : ie Mahmud (47). Before cultivate Vannamei shrimp, he was a rice farmer. Initially he know the pattern of his cultivation RTVE from his friend. He saw that his success into Vannamei shrimp farmers. Mahmud then seek out and reunited with CP Prima.

Mahmud ponds were constructed on the land area of ​​800 square meters produce as much as 2.3 tons of shrimp from one harvest period. Net profits received by Mahmud is fifty million rupiah. Mahmud also receive the companion program of CP Prima.

"CP Prima helped me from the beginning of the manufacturing process of the pond, also guided me technically of initial stocking. If there is a problem with the shrimp in ponds, there are also accompanying technicians, " said Mahmud.

RTVE now grown in Several areas of East Java; ie. Lamongan, Gresik, Pacitan, Trenggalek and Central Java province. In the future will be developed also in Medan, Aceh, South East Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi. 

RT Vannamei at Madura.