Our probiotics and aquaculture chemicals have been trusted by farmers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and India.

We believe that maintaining pond ‘s natural ecosystem is vital in shrimp and fish cultivation. However, over the past decades, The growth of aquaculture as an industry has accelerated and resulted in environmental damages, various fish and shrimp diseases, and low productivity of various crops. The need for increased disease resistance, growth of aquatic organisms, and feed efficiency has brought about the use of probiotics in aquaculture practices.

CP Prima’s probiotics administered as a mixture of food or directly used as pond maintenance. Probiotics, when mixed with feed, acts as feed supplement that can improve balance digestion and prevent microbial colonization of pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics & aquaculture chemicals directly used in the pond are expected to improve and maintain the environment and suppress harmful bacteria. Below is a list of CP Prima’s recommended probiotics and aquaculture chemicals :

1. Fishes Probiotics

  • Mina Bacto
  • Mina Pro
  • Mina PS

2. Shrimps Probiotics and Aquaculture Chemicals

  • Super PS
  • Mina Bacto
  • Bio Solution
  • Bi Klin
  • Super NB
  • Super Vamei
  • Vanna Pro