Fish Feed
Our feeds are formulated and produced with adherence to the nutrition requirements specified for each animal type and its stage of growth.

Aquaculture fisheries are an important component of Indonesian fisheries which contributes to national food security, income and employment generation. Another positive impact is that it reduces the pressure on marine natural resources. Recently, aquaculture fisheries development in Indonesia has accelerated and is considered important in supporting rural economic development.

CP Prima has taken a commitment to support those farmers by producing the best nutritious feeds, ensuring health, growth, and beauty for each of the fishes. With feedmills operated at the main region of East Java, West Java, South Sumatera and North Sumatera, we ensure high quality and consistent feeds for our customers throughout Indonesia. Below are CP Prima’s feed products formulated to match the nutrition requirements specified for various fishes :

  1. Hi-Pro-Vite 781
  2. Turbo T89
  3. Turbo T-78
  4. Hi-Pro-Vite 788 & 789
  5. PSP, PS-C, 581-L,
    FF888, FF999
  6. Turbo T-79
  7. All Feed
  8. P 99
  9. Bintang 885
  10. CP 189
  11. Super Carp S99

Fish Feed