Shrimp Feed
A high quality shrimp product starts from a healthy cultivation process and feed.

A clean pond is very important for the good growth of a shrimp, but it will not be maximum without the support of the nutritious feeds supplied to them every single day. Just like any other living being, shrimps also need high nutrients and vitamins to be able to grow healthy. CP Prima supplies several kinds of feeds for shrimps, selecting the best high quality ingredients and are produced in high standards to avoid water pollution. Our quality has brought a high preference to the local and international farmers, attaining high leadership position in the market and has been exported to India on th 2014. Below are our recommended nutritious shrimp feed products:

  1. Irawan
  2. Bintang
  3. Indo Feed
  4. Pakan Udang Galah
  5. Pakan Udang Bestari
  6. Pakan Udang Marine

Shrimp Feed