Integrated Aquaculture
We commit on building the best aquaculture platform in Indonesia, combining local resources and human power to produce high quality standard aquacultural end-results.

For more than 35 years, PT Central Proteina Prima Tbk (CP Prima) has strived to provide the best quality products to all domestic and international markets, starting from aquacultural products, up to seafood products.

As part of CP Prima’s commitment in building a high-standard aquaculture industry in Indonesia, we have successfully introduced several aquaculture assets and programs in order to maximally utilize the available resources. Currently, we have introduced a program named Plasma Nucleus Program, and worked together with some of our subsidiary company with hope to attain high utilization of the country’s natural resources. We believe that Indonesia has high quality of waters and lands, and by employing those resources well, together by training the local human resources, high quality results can be achieved.

We constantly ensure that all of our feedmills, hatchery, broodstock and shrimp farms are traced for every task being done, confirming that all products are always up to the standard required. We also assure that all our end-products have a consistency in quality and pricing for our customers’ satisfaction.