We are one of the best shrimp producers worldwide, supported by the best traditional and modern resources available

Looking at the situation where several local farmers and workers are at stake, CP Prima has taken a huge step in building a new asset named PT. Centralpertiwi Bahari on 9th June 1994, located at a 20,000 hectare Tulang Bawang forest land in Lampung. We started our mission by building several modular systems of water dam, as well as irrigation systems to support the farmers around. Other than fixed capital, we had also invested on special trainings for the farmers and related stakeholders on the skills of shrimp cultivation in order for them to grow and perform well. We believe that the farmers and stakeholders need better living standards, and that encouraged us to build several facilities around the company, such as health centre, school, worship places, sports centre and many more, easing the farmers and the stakeholders to enjoy a better living condition while cultivating.

As the best and benchmarked integrated aquaculture shrimp producer known worldwide, PT. Central Pertiwi Bahari had combined both traditional and modern resources to support the shrimp cultivation, starting from HDPE lines, high technological lab, power plant, to high quality of shrimp processing plant for both fresh and food products.

Our integrated shrimp cultivation is fully supported by numerous domestic and international banks and financial institutions, ensuring that the industry has high chances of growth from time to time. Several national and international standard certifications have also been obtained, such as CBIB, CPIB, BAP ACC, Global Gap, BRC, HACCP, and ISO, proving on the effectiveness and the efficiency of the shrimp cultivation and company’s standards achieved.

CP Prima has successfully gained trust from international famous buyers like Wal-Mart, Costco, Tesco, Mark&Spencer, Nichirei, Maruha, and more, for the commitment in supplying high-quality seafood products to the market domestically and worldwide.

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