To amplify a high performing culture, in order to build more values for all of our stakeholders, we observe and practice the PRIMA culture as our way of doing business. PRIMA is our key in building strong leadership, in facilitating better connections between all parties, and in delivering good results. Our main aim is to elevate the spirit, the motivation, and the passion of our employees. We believe that happy and motivated employees will produce high quality products, and will provide high quality services to all stakeholders that all of which will eventually create high levels of satisfaction.

PRIMA consists of 5 core values:

  1. Prioritize Customers: Always put customer satisfaction as a priority
  2. Result Oriented: Responsible to achieve agreed work target
  3. Innovation & Creativity: Create something that valuable for others by doing the innovation & be creative
  4. Moving Forward With The Team: Develop synergy with the team in the organization
  5. Accountability & Integrity: Always put integrity on your work and gain trust from others