Corporate Culture

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To amplify a high performing culture, in order to build more values for all of our stakeholders, we observe and practice the FIRE UP culture as our way of doing business. FIRE UP is our key in building strong leadership, in facilitating better connections between all parties, and in delivering good results. Our main aim is to FIRE UP the spirit, the motivation, and the passion of our employees. We believe that happy and motivated employees will produce high quality products, and will provide high quality services to all stakeholders that all of which will eventually create high levels of satisfaction.

FIRE UP consists of 6 core values:

  1. Focus on Customer: we strive to know and understand our internal and external customer in order to satisfy their needs with care through teamwork and communication.

  2. Integrity in all our action: in every endeavor we take, CP Prima will uphold the law and regulation and also require strict SOP implementation to achieve our vision to be the largest integrated aquaculture company in the world.

  3. Responsibility to deliver result: Everyone in CP Prima is encouraged to understand what is expected from him/her, take the responsibility to deliver them, and report objective progress periodically.

  4. Entrepreneur on way of working: CP Prima always encourage innovation and new approach, concept and method to solve business challenges with the most efficient manner bear in mind proper calculation and consideration.

  5. Unchallenged Target: in CP Prima, we encourage ambition to achieve highest result with high target and doesn’t deter by challenges.

  6. People development: we are determined to nurture self development drive in everyone at CP Prima in which we harness self confident to build leadership in our people.