We commit ourselves in providing the best working environment for you to grow and reach your optimum level of potential

As a growing company, we always in the look out for talents with fresh ideas and new concept to strengthen our team. Our company has always believe that the best way to grow talent is by providing challenging, encouraging creativity, and rewarding working environment.


We invite motivated and eager to grow candidates to join one of the biggest vertically integrated aquaculture company. Numerous career opportunities have been introduced, both local and international. Our career opportunity comprise of several career stream :

  • Aquaculture and Technology
    As the main business of CP Prima, we invite dedicated expertise to take the challenge to raise the bar of aquaculture to higher level. Vast career opportunities are presented in out hatcheries, pond sites, and technology department.
  • Manufacturing
    More than just cultivating, CP Prima also strive for excellence in the manufacturing field, both feed and food manufacturing. Our plants implement good manufacturing processes and we comply with strict global certification requirements to ensure our products are in the highest quality, thus making it a good place to move up your career.
  • Sales and Marketing
    For candidates with sales and marketing aspirations, we also provide opportunities in these areas. Our sales and marketing team is spread throughout Indonesia. Both our feed & probiotic, and our food business provide an array of challenging opportunity.
  • Support Functions
    We also provide opportunity for candidates who want to build their career in our support functions (ICT, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain and Human Resources).

In our company, we also implement area rotation and cross career stream rotation as our effort to provide different challenge for employee development.


  • Fresh Graduate
    For candidates that has just graduated and yet to have experience, we welcome you to apply through this program. We are continuously searching for quality fresh graduate candidates to fill many of our vacant positions
  • Management Trainee
    Yes, we hire Management trainee as per need basis when we see the need to develop young potentials for future leaders. For MT we invite good graduates from various education background to be trained, coached, facilitated according to their individual aspiration and the Company’s direction. Apart from MT, we regularly hire fresh graduates to support the business. Please do not hesitate to periodically check our web and see the opportunities that might take place.
  • Special Program
    Since 2013 we develop special program we call STAR (Scholarship of Talent for Aquaculture Regeneration). STAR program is company-sponsored education program in which sponsored students are required to provide their service to the company for a certain period of time after finishing the education.
  • Mid Career Recruitment
    Apart from fresh graduate recruitment, we also look for professionals to join our team. In CP Prima, we provide working environment where you can continuously develop your career through business exposure, corporate training, and development rotation to enhance your competencies.