1. Does CP prima regularly recruit Management Trainee?
    What are the requirements to join CP Prima? Not regularly in the sense of every year or every certain period of time, but we hire MT as per need basis when we see the need to develop young potentials for future leaders. For MT we invite good graduates from various education background and train, coach, facilitate them as per career aspiration of the individual and company’s direction. Apart of MT, we regularly hire fresh graduate to support the business. Please don’t be hesitated to periodically check our web and see the opportunities might take place.
  2. Does CP Prima entertain students to do an internship program?
    What are the requirements? Yes, we welcome both High School and S1 students for an official internship program ➤ means there is a formal request from the school/university, subject for availability of our internal mentor to help the students. Please contact our recruitment Department for this purpose.
  3. Is there any opportunity to work overseas when joining CP Prima?
    CP Prima has been started to expand business overseas and opportunity for overseas assignments exist. Currently there are Indonesian employees of CP prima working overseas such as in India, China, USA.
  4. What are the opportunities to be business partner of CP Prima and how to apply?
    We welcome suppliers, agents, distributor, KSO (joint operation) etc, and for more details please contact respective business operation at ‘contact us’ available for each of our business unit in this web.