Audit Committee
The Company has formed the Audit Committee to assist the Board of Commissioners in evaluating and ensuring that the Company’s internal and external audit processes are carried out accordingly and conform to best practice standards.

The Audit Committee's task and responsibilities is governed by Audit Committe Charter. The profile of Audit Committee's members are as follows:


Chairman - Independent Commissioner

Drs. SUROSO, Ak.


Indonesian citizen, born in Tangerang on June 1, 1954. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economy from University of Indonesia, Jakarta, and a Masters degree in Management from Persada Indonesia YAI University. Previously held positions as Commercial Partner of the Public Accountant Firm Drs. Suryanto Gunawan from 1992 – December 2003 and KAP Dedy Zeinirwan Santosa since 2004 – 2007. He concurrently served as Chairman of SR Management Consultant since 1992, a member of the audit committee of PT Intraco Penta Tbk. since 2001, a Lecturer in Surapati University since 2006 and Associate Partner in KAP Liasta Subakti & Partner since 2007.



Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta on May 22, 1963. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Indonesia in 1988 and a Masters degree in Management from the PPM Graduate School of Management, Jakarta, 1999. Prior to joining CP Prima, he was one of the Senior Auditor of Public Accountant Firm of Drs. Dharmawan & Co, 1987 – 1989, Accounting Officer - Controller Division Deutsche Bank AG from 1990 – 1993, Financial Controller Angsana Resort,Spa& Golf - Bintan Riau,Group Banyan Tree Resort from 1999 – 2001 and General Manager Finance at PT M2M Indonesia from 2001-2004.

Report summary for the year ended on December 31, 2014 was as follows :

  1. The Audit Committee has performed its duties to fully monitor the Company’s internal audit, management policies and the implementation of good corporate governance. The recommendations laid in the internal and external report on these results, included the operational audit plan to evaluate the management policies and promote Company’s eiciency and efectiveness in executing business plan through sustainable means, stated that these activities should be optimized.

  2. The Audit Committee has reviewed the Company’s compliance with all prevailing capital market and related regulations.

  3. The Audit Committee has conducted meetings with the Commissioners and the Board of Directors to discuss the published inancial report.

  4. The Audit Committee has reviewed the implementation of the total remuneration package for the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors and has concluded that the procedures were in accordance with the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.