Pet Food
Every bit of nutrients plays a vital role in your pet’s growth, why compromise?

CP Prima believes that healthy pets are happy pets. Pet owners who love their pets know that every meal their pets consume will play a very important role on balancing the pet’s physical and mental condition. As one of the best pet food producers and distributors, we carefully produce and only sell pet food products that contain the best ingredients for pets.

As the market leader for fancy and ornamental fish feed, our products such as TAKARI, OSAKA, SAKURA, SANKOI, CP KOI, SUPER SAVE, BREEDER PRO, PAKAN KOI, SAKURA KOI, and FARMPRO are formulated with high-balanced nutrition and vitamins, anti-oxidant, pigment enhancer, as well as minerals that can ensure the healthy growth, body immune, and beautiful skin color of the fish.

For fancy birds, we produce CLASSIC BIRD and CP SINGING BIRD. Each is available in two variants: anti-stress and seaweed. Containing high quality ingredients, our bird food products are perfect to improve the stamina and voice of the birds, at the same time enhancing the color of bird's feather.

We also provide NOVA for rabbits, containing high vitamins and minerals in RGP formula, with the flavor and taste favorite to rabbits.

CP Prima has always been actively sponsored many kinds of events such as pet shows and seminars in our effort to promote pet owners' knowledge and also to maintain a good relationship with pet hobbyists and pet owner community. Our products can be found in most pet shops, poultry shops as well as modern markets all over Indonesia or broadcasted through our website : www.cppetfood.com.