We always ensure accuracy on our cultivation and production process, without fail.

CP Prima believes that the best quality products are those that are well formulated and well cultivated, with no flaws during the process. We understand that each step is vital, and this has encouraged us to acquire the best technologies to support our process. Automation is one of them.

Our feed mills are equipped with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controller (PLC) systems to run and operate the machineries automatically.  Automation has been incorporated into all of our fish feed mills, i.e. Cikampek, Medan, Lampung and Surabaya, and into all of our shrimp feed mills, i.e. Lampung, Medan and Surabaya.


In addition to automation, we have also adopted the Mini Bin system and Vacuum Coating system. Using the Mini Bin system, we can dose the premixes (vitamins and minerals) accurately into the batches, and thus ensuring production of the best feeds. Vacuum Coating is deployed in pet food manufacturing. It ensures the correct level of oils, as specified in the formulas, being coated onto feed pellets.

Thus, less oil is spilled on the water surface in the ponds. Mini Bin systems are currently utilized at Cikampek, Lampung and Medan , whereas Vacuum Coaters are utilized in all our fish feed mills, i.e. Cikampek, Medan, Lampung and Surabaya.